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The waste fields discarded by 32 countries in the world were bought by China for 200 billion yuan and are now found ..
[Zhongcai News:] The reason why the Middle East has not been able to calm down the war all year round is because it has abundant natural resources such as oil. As a non-renewable energy source, oil has always been the focus of attention of countries around the world. , Our country ... 14:43 [Read more]
· 900亿桶大油田被发现! 14:38 · 90 billion barrels of large oil fields were discovered! Russia and the Eastern Alliance allies first, the United States rally 7.
· 供应过剩危机难散2020年上半年布油或跌至60美元? 09:37 · The crisis of oversupply is difficult to dissipate, or will it fall to US $ 60 in the first half of 2020?
· 澳洲火灾影响煤炭产量短期内火情或继续恶化 08:34 · Australian fire affects coal production or the fire situation will continue to deteriorate in the short term
· 中东原油供应面临风险油价周一走高1% 01/21 · Middle East crude oil supply at risk oil prices rise 1% on Monday
· 输油管线关闭、油田减产利比亚产油恐全面停摆 01/20 · Shut down oil pipeline, reduce oil production in Libya
· 8882米深中石油在地下打出一座珠穆朗玛 01/20 · 8882 meters deep PetroChina hit a Qomolangma underground
· 煤焦涨势已是强弩之末节后将迎来调整 01/20 · The rise of coal coke is already at the end of the crossbow and will be adjusted after
· 聚焦美国原油产业:2020又是危机和机遇并存的一年 01/18 · Focus on the US crude oil industry: 2020 is another year of crisis and opportunity
· 令美国担心的中东国家还有一个:它的举动或将威胁40多.. 01/18 · There is one more Middle East country that worries the United States: its move may threaten more than 40 ..
· 风渐微? 01/16 · The wind is getting weaker ? Regarding Iran, it could also lead to these two extreme markets
· 华尔街最大的石油对冲交易被宣布为国家机密 01 / 14Wall Street's largest oil hedging deal declared as state secret
· 开年首轮调价或遭搁浅西北油市真的冬眠了吗? 01/13 · Did the first round of price adjustment or stranded Northwest Oil City hibernate?
· 特朗普批准追加对伊朗制裁:“非常严厉” 01/10 · Trump approves additional sanctions on Iran: "very severe"
· 他们众口一词:客机是伊朗无意击落的? 01/10 · They all said: The passenger plane was shot down by Iran unintentionally? !!
· 特朗普称苏莱曼尼计划轰炸美使馆蓬佩奥出来拆台 01/10 · Trump says Suleimani plans to bomb US embassy Pompeo to tear down
· 特朗普说不需要中东石油后,安倍默默开启中东之行 01/10 · Abe quietly begins Middle East trip after Trump says no need for Middle East oil
· 做多情绪弥漫全市场春节大礼包即将开封 01/10 · Long -term sentiment pervades the whole market, the Spring Festival gift package is about to be opened
· 美众院通过“战争权力决议案” 01/10 · US House of Representatives passes "War Power Resolution"
· 伊朗出手回击中东危机四伏? 01/09 · Iran strikes back at the crisis in the Middle East? What is the "war premium" for gold and crude oil ..
· 原油或酝酿看跌反转形态另一轮大跌50%行情来临? 01/09 · Crude oil or brewing a bearish reversal pattern, another round of 50% plunge?
· 美媒:特朗普称美国不再需中东石油或非属实 01/09 · US media: Trump says the United States no longer needs Middle East oil or is not true
· 导弹落地油价金价上天莫为“避险品”热昏头 01/09 · Missile landing oil price, gold price is not a "dangerous product" hot dizzy
· 中东乱局或让日本陷油荒? 01/07 · The chaos in the Middle East or Japan's oil shortage? 90% of Japan's oil imports from the Middle East
· 准备从伊拉克撤军是“误会”? 01/07 · Is it "misunderstanding" to prepare to withdraw troops from Iraq? Pentagon: Letters are just drafts ..
· 伊朗议会讨论:把美国陆军以及五角大楼列为恐怖组织 01/07 · Iranian parliamentary discussion: US Army and Pentagon listed as terrorist organizations
· 伊朗激起的短暂恐慌过后华尔街在做什么? 01/07 · What is Wall Street doing after the brief panic caused by Iran? Start picking premium ..
· 新加坡油轮在马来西亚被扣船上有八名中国人 01 / 07Singapore tanker has eight Chinese on board in Malaysia
· 布伦特原油突破70大关刷新7个月来新高 01 / 06Brent crude broke the 70 mark and set a new high in 7 months
· 特朗普:美军不会离开伊拉克,除非付清驻伊美军开支 01/06 · Trump: U.S. forces will not leave Iraq unless payment for U.S. forces in Iraq is paid
· “炒油族”2020年如何把握“钱景” 01/06 · "Fried Oil Clan" How to Hold "Qian Jing" in 2020
· 中东飞出“黑天鹅”燃油供应或超预期下降 01/06 · “Black Swan” fuel supply from the Middle East may drop more than expected
· 美伊关系紧张海湾地区股市暴跌沙特阿美创历史新低 01/06 · Tensions in US-Iran relations Gulf stock market plunges, Saudi Aramco hits record low
· 美股“黑天鹅” 日股开盘跌1.4% A股成为避风港? 01/06 · US stocks "black swan" Japanese stocks fell 1.4% at the start of the day A shares became a safe haven?
· 恐慌致圣诞行情急刹车中东危局将成美股转折点? 01/06 · Panic caused Christmas market to brake sharply, the crisis in the Middle East will become a turning point for US stocks?
· 伊朗高级将领被美军炸死普京表态了 01/04 · Iran's senior general was killed by US forces
· 马克龙与普京通电话呼吁中东有关各方克制 01/04 · Macron and Putin call for calls from all parties in the Middle East to exercise restraint
· 地缘政治因素刺激油价短期或持续上涨 01/04 · Geopolitical factors stimulate short-term or continuous rise in oil prices
· 中东烽火再起聚焦伊拉克原油供应 01/03 · Renewed fire in the Middle East focuses on Iraqi crude oil supply
· 俄罗斯或难以遵守减产油价可能承压下行 01/03 · Russia or difficulties in complying with reduced oil prices may be under pressure

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