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· 又见“乌龙指” 空头秒亏近1500万! 02/11 · See also "Oolong Finger" Short loss of nearly 15 million seconds! 149 short positions closed ..
· 今晚非农当心这一数值大幅下修50万 02/07 · Tonight's non-agricultural beware that this value is significantly reduced by 500,000
· 国内期市开盘大面积飘绿,橡胶、铁矿等多品种跌停 02/03 · The domestic futures market opened a large area of green, rubber, iron ore and other varieties of daily limit
· 证监会:暂停期货夜盘股票质押及两融业务因地施策 02/03 · China Securities Regulatory Commission: Suspension of futures stock night pledge
· 全球市场不平静多国央行保持利率不变 02/03 · Global markets are not stable, central banks keep interest rates unchanged
· 市场再度出现较大跌幅期指中线依旧看涨 01/22 · The market again experienced a large decline, the mid-term index is still bullish
· 期指“涨声”再度响起IC强势领跑 01/21 · Futures " buoyant " resounds IC's strong lead
· 证监会:加大期货市场开放力度推进交易所债券市场对外.. 01/10 · CSRC: Increase the opening of the futures market and promote the exchange bond market ..
· 多家期货公司陆续发公告提示文华财经交易软件整改风险.. 01/09 · Many futures companies issued announcements to remind Wenhua Financial Trading Software to rectify risks ..
· 股指期权即将上市期货业再添“保险” 12/20 · Stock index options will soon be listed in the futures industry, adding "insurance"
· 沪深交易所发布重磅新规看股票期权交易新规则 12/20 · Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issues heavy new rules to see new rules for stock options trading
· 股指期权上市九大事项明确! 12/19 · Nine major issues for the listing of stock index options are clear! Maximum 20 orders per order
· 期指主力合约涨跌互现积极做多的窗口期 12/17 · Index refers to the window period in which the main contract is mixed
· 期权再度全线异动,一天暴涨4倍! 12/16 · Options changed again across the board, skyrocketing 4 times a day! What exactly is the reason? Volume:
· 三大期指集体走高 12/10 · The three major futures index collectively higher
· 伊拉克局势升温,国际油价暴跌近5%,OPEC减产协议前景.. 12/01 · The situation in Iraq is heating up, international oil prices have plummeted by nearly 5%, and the prospects of OPEC production reduction agreement ..
· 万亿专项债提前下达债市短期受冲击几率不大 11 / 29Territory special debts are issued in advance and the probability of short-term impact on the bond market is small
· 政策暖意逐渐显现期指行情延续偏多操作 11/20 · Warmth of policy gradually emerges , the index market continues to operate more
· 黑色全线大涨! 11/15 · All black lines are up! Thread shocking reversed the increase, and methanol was added to the warehouse within 15 days.
· 警惕! 11/12 · Be alert! 蹭 "Blockchain" fever, there is a huge risk behind such high leverage ..
· 各类金融机构联手进场场外衍生品规模逼近3000亿 11/08 · Various financial institutions join forces to enter the OTC derivatives scale close to 300 billion
· 阿里巴巴确定下周开始路演以4%折扣向机构询价 11/08 · Alibaba decides to start road show next week to inquire institutions for 4% discount
· “铜王”王文银入主路径敲定九鼎新材实控人变更在即 11/07 · "Bronze King" Wang Wenyin enters the main path to finalize the change of the actual controller of Jiuding New Materials
· 三大期指联袂上升市场已到反弹临界点 10/28 · The three major index futures have risen and the market has reached a critical point of rebound
· “多事之秋”沪镍沪铜“双星闪耀”! 10/25 · "Eventful Autumn" Shanghai Nickel and Shanghai Copper "Double Stars Shine"! Red dates continue to be crazy! Translate
· “大空头”斩仓出局:选对了方向,押错了时间 10/17 · "Big short" cutout: out of the right direction, wrong time
· 欲叫板全球电商巨头印度首富出手了 10 / 15India's richest man wants to bid for global e-commerce giant
· 市场明显回暖,50ETF看涨期权一天暴涨102%! 10/14 · The market is clearly recovering, 50ETF call options skyrocketed 102% in a day!
· 卖期权跟种田一样遇到天灾就完了 10/14 · Selling options is the same as farming when encountering natural disasters
· 突发! 10/12 · Burst! Missile attack caused an explosion? Crude oil straight up! Same energy, methanol ..
· 行业大事件! 10/12 · Industry events! The capital market is further open to "three-pronged approach.
· 四季度期指上涨行情值得期待 10/08 · Fourth quarter index futures are worth looking forward to
· 期指展开二次上攻仍需蓄势 09/24 · Futures Index still needs momentum
· 一天飙升192倍的“神器”再发威! 09/10 · "Artifact" soaring 192 times in a day is again powerful! There are institutions to reduce the number of bets, which is good ..
· 有行情却只能“干瞪眼”? 09/06 · There is market but can only "dry eyes"? The Hong Kong Stock Exchange suspended trading of derivatives yesterday afternoon ..
· 一虚假期货投资APP平台20名员工被批捕 09/05 · 20 employees of Yixu Holidays Investment App Platform were arrested
· 第5个月卖股超百亿美元,美企上次这样套现是2007年 08/27 · In the fifth month, stocks sold exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars, and the last time American companies cashed out in 2007
· 10年期国债回归“2”时代食之无味弃之可惜? 08/15 · Is it a pity to abandon the 10-year Treasury bonds returning to the "2" era? Don't rush to say ...
· 期指把握四季度做多机会 08/15 · Futures Index seizes the opportunity to do more in the fourth quarter
· 期指净空有改善迹象 08/15 · Futures signs show signs of improvement
· 期指有望吹响反弹号角 08/13 · Futures index is expected to sound a rebound horn
· 证监会:没有大幅放松外资股指期货投资限制的计划 08/10 · SFC: No plan to significantly relax restrictions on foreign stock index futures investment
· 特朗普致电普京称愿帮忙救火遭婉拒,网友想起他的灭火.. 08/02 · Trump called Putin and said that his willingness to help with the fire was declined. Netizens remembered his fire fighting ..
· 日赚5.2倍你被科创板圈粉了吗? 07/23 · Earn 5.2 times a day. Have you been smashed by science and technology?
· 国内期市收盘涨跌参半PTA跌逾6%铁矿石跌近6% 07/05 · The domestic futures market closed mixed, PTA fell more than 6%, iron ore fell nearly 6%
· 秒跌500点! 07/04 · 500 points in seconds! "Oolong Index" appears again in the market

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