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Hedge fund boss: buying gold is no need to hesitate
[Zhongcai News:] Hedge fund boss David Rosenberg believes that although the US employment data looks good, the slowdown in the US economy is on the way. "If everything is so good, why did the Fed cut interest rates last year? ... 08:34 [Read more]
· 黄金多头小心决定2020年黄金走势的可能是这10大趋势 08:33 · Gold bulls carefully determine the trend of gold in 2020 may be these 10 trends
· 2020年金价利好仍不少! 01/21 · 2020 gold prices are still positive! Rise to a thousand pieces of cake in extreme cases ..
· 金价备受青睐但涨势有见顶风险? 01/21 · Gold price is favored but there is a risk of peaking? Don't panic these factors are still many ..
· 怎么回事? 01/21 · What's going on? The price of gold has suddenly risen sharply, approaching 1568 USD / JPY and fell below ...
· 唱多黄金声音再度响起涨上3000美元只是时间问题? 01/21 · It's only a matter of time before the golden voice sounds again.
· 潜在试探性信号显现、金油涨势将很快回归? 01/21 · Potential tentative signals appear, gold oil rally will return soon? Gold, crude oil:
· 四大利好支撑看涨黄金热情不减? 01/21 · Four bullish bullish enthusiasm for bullish gold? Traders wait for multiple central bank months ..
· 唱多黄金声音再度响起涨上3000美元只是时间问题? 01/20 · It's only a matter of time before the golden voice sounds again.
· 特朗普弹劾案双方相互激烈指责黄金上行动能犹存 01/20 · Both sides of the Trump impeachment blamed each other fiercely accusing the actions on gold can still exist
· 今年是多头的丰收年? 01/20 · This is a bull year for the bulls? Gold is at a critical inflection point for this picture or reveal ...
· 一致看涨! 01/20 · Consistently bullish! Experts and retail investors expect gold price rebound trend to continue
· 金价上涨也推动黄金生产进入了繁荣期 01/18 · Rising gold prices also pushed gold production into a boom
· 白银上涨潜力远超美股本十年“钱”途无量 01/18 · Silver's rising potential far exceeds the "money" of U.S. equity for ten years
· 分析师:这一贵金属狂拉超100美元黄金还有机会上涨 01/18 · Analyst: This precious metal madly pulls more than $ 100 in gold and has a chance to rise
· 投资者们并不只把黄金当避险资产金价还有支撑 01/18 · Investors not only use gold as a safe-haven asset, the price of gold also supports
· 德国掀起民间购金狂潮背后原因值得深思 01/16 · The reasons behind Germany's frenzy of private gold purchases are worth pondering
· 除非突破这一水平否则金价仍有大跌空间 01 / 15Unless this level is breached , there is still room for gold prices to plummet
· 若这一幕重演黄金将跌至1300? 01/15 · If this scene repeats itself, gold will fall to 1300?
· 黄金长期表现无需担忧风险或许很接近 01/15 · Long-term performance of gold without fear of risks may be close
· 去年夏季暴涨暴跌一幕重现! 01/15 · Last summer's skyrocketing scene plummeted again! Experts: Gold fears a wave of decline
· 继续承压下行黄金能否守住1550? 01/13 · Can gold keep 1550 under continued pressure?
· 黄金近期大涨的背后都有哪些驱动因素? 01/13 · What are the driving factors behind the recent surge in gold?
· 黄金短期走向何方? 01/13 · Where is gold going in the short term? Analysts "different"
· 金价触近7年高点后回落若跌破这一区间料跌势加剧 01/13 · The price of gold fell after hitting a 7-year high
· 钯金价格创新高另类小金属暗藏“大机会” 01/11 · The price of palladium hits record high and another small metal hides "big opportunity"
· 多家期货公司宣布停用文华财经软件 01/11 · Many futures companies announce the suspension of Mandarin Finance Software
· 英国议会下院三读通过首相脱欧议案 01/10 · The third reading of the lower house of the British Parliament passes the Prime Minister ’s Brexit bill
· 避险继续降温! 01/09 · Hedging continues to cool down! Silver plunges technically
· 专家:金价涨势才刚开始2025年或将触及3000美元 01/09 · Experts: The price of gold has just begun to reach $ 3,000 in 2025
· 特朗普对伊朗态度大转变金价恐还要大跌 01/09 Trump's big change in Iran's attitude
· 特朗普喊话伊朗“拥抱和平”! 01/09 · Trump shouts Iran "embracing peace"! Crude gold instantly cools, US stocks ..
· 金价冲上1600美元美伊局势紧张如何投资? 01/09 · The price of gold rushed to 1,600 US dollars.
· 美伊冲突引黄金价格再创新高买黄金攻略来了 01/08 · U.S.-Israel conflict leads to new highs in gold prices
· 期权上市“开了挂” 沪深300ETF规模增82亿 01/08 · Options listing "opened" CSI 300 ETF scale increased by 8.2 billion
· 美国在这一领域独强时代结束亚洲将登上舞台 01/08 · The end of the era of US independence in this field
· 急拉近400点人民币汇率飙了! 01/08 · The exchange rate of RMB 400 has been soared! At the beginning of the year, the "share bond debt dealers" gala ..
· 黄金或许将是2020最佳资产一切迹象都利好 01 / 07Gold may be the best asset of 2020, all signs are good
· 白银季节性涨势已经展开做多就趁现在! 01/07 · Silver's seasonal rally has begun.
· 为什么说美伊紧张局势不是购买黄金的好理由? 01/07 · Why the tension between the United States and Iran is not a good reason to buy gold?
· 中东剑拔弩张之际、黄金为何持续回撤? 01/07 · Why does gold continue to retreat when the Middle East is in a state of tension ? These major factors cannot be tolerated ..
· 若这一历史规律重演未来两周黄金几乎肯定会下跌? 01/07 · If this historical law repeats itself, gold will almost certainly fall in the next two weeks?
· 黄金出现超买信号市场进入观望模式 01/07 · Gold appears overbought signal market enters wait-and-see mode
· 黄金还有上行空间? 01/07 · Gold still has upside? Goldman Sachs: Gold is a better hedge than crude oil ..
· 高盛:对冲伊朗危机“黄金比石油更好” 01/06 · Goldman Sachs: hedging Iran crisis "gold is better than oil"
· 金价一举攻克看涨目标!后市有望再暴涨约40美元 01 / 06Gold price overcomes bullish target in one fell swoop! The market outlook is expected to skyrocket by about 40 USD
· 大炮一响黄金万两! 01/06 · The artillery sounds golden! New York gold price broke 7-year high, domestic stock market ..
· 中东战火点燃新一轮行情黄金时隔6个半月重返1550 01/04 · The Middle East war ignites a new round of market gold, returns to 1550 after 6 and a half months
· 季节性因素加避险情绪爆发:黄金打破了6年以来的盘整.. 01/04 · Seasonal factors plus risk aversion sentiment: Gold broke the consolidation in 6 years ..
· 金价重上1530美元美联储纪要来袭! 01/03 · Gold price hits $ 1530, the Fed's minutes are coming! Two highlights not to be missed

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