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Do you understand the logic behind the ups and downs of palm oil?
[Zhongcai News:] Palm oil in 2019 can be regarded as a star variety in the agricultural product market. It is stimulated by the reduction in supply and the market ’s hype of biodiesel for palm oil. Both sides of the supply and demand are stimulated by a large amount of funds and the main contract positions And the amount of funds hit ... 08:51 [Read more]
· 白糖“牛味”渐浓未来引爆行情的关键是…… 01/21 · The key to the future detonation of white sugar "cow flavor" is ...
· 豆粕反弹的“底气”何在? 01/20 · What is the "spirit" of soybean meal rebound?
· 长途跋涉! 01/17 · Trek! 1400 French "foreign breeder" charter flights settled in China
· 贸易大涨28.5%! 01/17 · Trade surged 28.5%! A large number of Myanmar agricultural products will enter the Chinese market! But stopped right ..
· 4.5亿元走私冻牛肉大案! 01/16 · 450 million cases of smuggling frozen beef! Nitrite was spot tested 5 times over the standard and sold
· 腊肉、腊肠有致癌风险! 01/14 · Bacon and sausages are carcinogenic! is that true? Follow these steps for peace of mind
· 美国鸡爪来上海了,被禁止输华5年后正式回归中国市场 01/14 · American chicken feet have come to Shanghai, and were officially banned from returning to China after 5 years in China
· 6年前一斤15元亏损,如今涨至25元,养殖户仍高兴不起来 01/14 · 6 years ago lost 15 yuan a pound, now it has risen to 25 yuan, farmers are still not happy
· 20年涨价近1000倍,今年新鲜上市却不走量,又将断崖式.. 01/14 · 20-year price increase of nearly 1,000 times, this year's fresh listing but not taking volume, will be cliff-style ..
· 小小的生姜,有大大的作用,生姜的这3个妙处,会让你惊.. 01/13 · Little ginger has a great effect. These 3 wonderful things of ginger will surprise you ..
· 猪肉供应紧张局面有效缓和去年12月全国生猪出栏量环比.. 01/08 · The tight pork supply situation effectively eased the national pig production in December last month.
· 资金推动下有效突破前期平台郑棉能否拨云见日? 01/04 · Can Zheng Mian, an early breakthrough platform effectively promoted by funds, make a splash?
· 这个品种新年首个交易日就迎来“主力”席位减持 01/03 · The first trading day of this species ushered in the reduction of "main" seats
· 春节前大豆还能涨? 01/02 · Can soybeans rise before the Spring Festival? ?
· 白糖价或再现“甜蜜周期” 12/31 · Sugar price or reproduce the "sweet cycle"
· 两部委“力挺二师兄” 鸡蛋开启“跌跌跌”模式......蛋.. 12/31 · The two ministries and commissions "supported the second brother" The egg opened the "down and down" mode ...
· 每斤20元降到2.5元这种农产品价格遭遇十年新低 12/26 · The price of agricultural products has dropped to 20 yuan per catty from 2.5 yuan to 2.5 yuan
· 警惕! 12/25 · Be alert! "The Moth" may strike again next year! The number will also increase significantly
· 海关总署解除日本疯牛病、口蹄疫禁令,日本牛肉被禁18.. 12/23 · The General Administration of Customs lifts the ban on mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease in Japan, and Japanese beef is banned ...
· 猪肉价格回落均价重回“2字头” 12/18 · Pork prices fall back and average price returns to "2-head"
· 上游两大原料的“你涨我跌” 下游涤纶长丝该“跟谁走” 12/12 · "You rise, I fall" in the two upstream raw materials Downstream polyester filament "who to follow"
· 云南多地因东北油豆加工不当现中毒事件,卫健委发警示 12/11 · Poisoning in Northeast China due to improper processing of oil beans in Northeast China
· 猝不及防鸡蛋期货多合约跌停原因是? 12/10 · What is the reason for the multiple contract limit of egg futures?
· 注意! 12/09 · Attention! These signals indicate an important turning point for the international sugar market
· 史上最强生猪复产政策出炉! 12/06 · The strongest pig re-production policy in history has been released! Meat price drops by 20% in 4 weeks
· 泰国计划减少橡胶种植面积胶价大幅上涨能否持续? 12/06 · Thailand plans to reduce rubber planting area. Can the sharp rise in rubber prices continue?
· 太难了! 12/04 · It's too difficult! Afraid of being beaten, Indian businessman wearing helmet selling onions
· 大葱价格歇菜白菜卖白菜价黄瓜却涨了!差距咋那么大? 12/04 · The price of green onions, the price of cabbage, the price of cabbage, and the price of cucumber have risen! How big is the gap?
· 鸡蛋又不“蛋”定了:期货涨停,现货一斤涨2毛,原因出.. 12/03 · Eggs are not "eggs" fixed: the daily limit of futures, the spot price rose 2 cents, for reasons ..
· 粮食收储要变了! 12/02 · Grain collection and storage will change! The days of subsidized grain farming are coming to an end!
· 肉蛋价格双降猪肉价格回落至“20元时代” 11/29 · Double drop in meat and egg prices Pork prices fall back to "20 yuan era"
· 香蕉皮别丢! 11/29 · Don't lose the banana peel! Nutritionists claim that eating may improve sleep and help lose weight
· 棕榈油跳水又跳涨砍了多单砍空单? 11/29 · Palm oil diving jumped again and how many short orders? What the hell happened?
· 揭秘玉米价格反季节性上涨背后的“真相” 11/28 · Uncovering the "truth" behind the anti-seasonal rise in corn prices
· 揭秘玉米价格反季节性上涨背后的“真相” 11/28 · Uncovering the "truth" behind the anti-seasonal rise in corn prices
· 鸡蛋价格高位“陨落”后人心思涨是时候抄底了吗? 11/28 · Is it time for the bottom to rise after the price of eggs "falls"?
· 替代逻辑下“蛋随猪动” 后市有望企稳上涨 11/26 · "Eggs move with pigs" in the replacement logic is expected to stabilize and rise
· 农业农村部:重点抓好以下五个方面工作促进生猪生产加.. 11/22 · Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Focus on the following five areas to promote pig production ..
· 意大利价值190亿冷冻猪肉进入中国允许对华出口猪肉国.. 11 / 22Italy worth 19 billion frozen pork enters China to allow export of pork to China ...
· 糖价明年或迎新一轮上涨周期 11/22 · Sugar prices next year or welcome a new round of rising cycles
· 油脂期货上涨趋势延续 11/21 · Oil futures uptrend continues
· 棕榈油涨停! 11/21 · Palm oil daily limit! What's the logic behind the two-year high of the price index?
· 产量高了三七价格跳水? 11/20 · The output is higher than the price of 37? Seller: The "stocking" is over!
· 郑糖大跌概率较小 11 / 19Zheng Tang has a lower probability of falling
· 印度“洋葱荒”禁止出口,孟加拉国总理用餐被迫取消洋.. 11/18 · India's "onion shortage" banned exports, Bangladeshi Prime Minister was forced to cancel foreign dining ..
· 大利多落地郑棉为何不为所动? 11/16 · Why isn't Zheng Mian touched by the arrival of Da Lidu?
· 去年1元一斤,今年涨到6元还在涨,疯狂涨价农民赚了钱.. 11/15 · One yuan per catty last year, and it is still rising to 6 yuan this year.

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